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Merchant Evaluations and Consulting Services

Merchant evaluations and consulting services are available through Affiliate Advocacy. The purpose of offering these services is to help both merchants and affiliates maximize their performance and income. As a result of these  services we are helping to move the industry forward through education and improvement of  affiliate program.

Affiliate program managers and merchants often have the same questions and concerns:

  • What makes a good Affiliate program?
  • How can they  make sure their program grows to its full potential?
  • How can they attract AND retain active, ethical producing affiliates?
  • Is a program self limiting?

Our unique,  comprehensive and objective evaluation use the AWESOME Test to examine your program. The AWESOME Test is a set of criteria used to evaluate your program. Over 50 checkpoints are used to formulate a thorough, objective review of your program. These checkpoints can be assigned to 7 categories

  • Attitude/Approach
  • Website
  • Ease
  • Sellable/Saleable
  • Offer
  • Motivation
  • Education

This evaluation will give you the following:

  • Completely objective review of your website and program using our unique and comprehensive AWESOME Test. Results given during personal call giving you a chance to ask questions.
  • Identify strengths of your affiliate program an website
  • Identify weaknesses and  areas in need of improvement or change
  • Recommendations and suggested next steps
  • 30  and 60 Day follow up (Occur 30 & 60 days after Evaluation is delivered)
  • Ongoing consultation also available

To get started, request more information and a quote for our services through the form below or use the Contact link at top of page.

Why do you need our evaluation?

Our evaluation is completely objective, we are not seeking long term clients, our rates are affordable.  Our goal is to help you improve your program to benefit both you and your affiliates. Our merchant evaluations are an extension of our educations and advocacy work.

We have a long standing reputation of being objective and advocating for the Affiliate Marketing Industry. Melanie Seery, President and Founder of Affiliate Advocacy, has received numerous awards in recognition of her advocacy work on behalf of the Affiliate Industry. These awards include The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award 2009 Affiliate Marketing Advocate and the 2008 ShareASale Pay It Forward Award Affiliate Industry Advocate. Ms Seery was also a finalist for the  2010 Most Vocal Advocate Golden Link Award from Linkshare.

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