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Affiliate Advocacy is built from the foundations laid by the affiliate community and the advocacy group that met in Albany NY in the summer of 2008 to address critical industry issues. That foundation is based on the power of using a unified voice of affiliates, merchants, program managers and networks. The power of the industry working together towards a united goal and the power of action are the forces behind the Affiliate Advocacy organization.

By sponsoring the work of Affiliate Advocacy you will help propel our industry in a positive direction. We are working hard to improve the industry and will see to it that all aspects of our industry are empowered and foster the growth of ethical affiliates, merchants and networks. The Affiliate Advocacy organization also facilitates Affiliate, Merchant and Network relationships, communications and interactivity. The time has come for us to work together towards a common goal of a viable, improved and fairer industry for all. The affiliate marketing industry must step up to ensure that our industry remains a viable and profitable one.

Affiliate Advocacy is listening to the voices of all aspects of our industry from the smallest and newest affiliate or merchant to the largest network and program managers. We believe that every voice should be heard.

Melanie Seery is the President and Founder of Affiliate Advocacy, the organization which grew from the advocacy work that earned Melanie the 2009 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Affiliate Marketing Advocate and the ShareASale Industry Advocate Performance Award 2008. Co-chair of NY Affiliate meetings and speaker at industry events in 2008 and 2009, she continues to work on ways to improve the industry for everyone through education and addressing critical industry issues including the representation and protection of ethical affiliates and merchants. She believes that all affiliates, merchants and networks need to have voices. Also the owner of NYAffiliateVoice, Melanie continues to speak out on various industry issues including the internet tax issues. Melanie is also involved in several community service projects including raising awareness, acceptance and understanding of children with health challenges and serves as a volunteer tutor in reading and math for both children and adults.