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Day Three Recap of Affiliate Summit East 2014

Day three of ASE14 brought even more networking and another great day of sessions and the Exhibit hall.  First on my agenda after some networking over breakfast,  was the keynote address by Dr Julie Gurner, clinical psychologist.  Dr. Gurner spoke about some of the things we do that are counterproductive and make us less efficient. She mixed humor with science as she gave us all a little insight into how we hinder our own productivity and shared several steps for improved productivity.  One of her suggestions was to ditch the dream board and instead, she suggested we have a progress board. The science behind it is that a dream board is a positive fantasy; we picture ourselves already there, removing some motivation.  A progress board, on the other hand, is a positive expectation which drives us.

Dr. Gurner also suggested that we work with our body and brain; go with our own circadian rhythm. I am a firm believer in this one, and I’ve got a rather odd schedule as a result. By going with our personal circadian rhythm we will be most productive. While I don’t know of any study to prove it, I would imagine that most of us that that work online have non-traditional circadian rhythm. We were also reminded to stop multitasking as it is not the most efficient way to complete tasks. We should also utilize 90 minute work cycle with 15 minute breaks and snack wisely. Dr. Gurner can be found on Twitter.

After another networking lunch, and then it was on to another of the break out session. I attended “The Top 20 Legal Mistakes Affiliate Businesses Make” with Eric Crusius, Partner at Fed Nexus Law. This was a very informative presentation and while I won’t give all twenty items I will share a few. The number one mistake we make is not treating our business like a business; incorporate and don’t mix personal and business finances or records. We also need to make sure that we not only have contracts, but that we read and understand contracts. This is critical and I am always stressing it with both affiliates and merchants. Eric suggested that we may be able to negotiate contract terms but at the very least we need to make sure we understand the terms before signing.  He also reminded us to make sure we are aware of proper and acceptable advertising; being honest and following FTC regulations. If you missed his session be sure to watch the video, you’ll pick up several pointers.

With one last trip through the exhibit hall and some last minute networking, it was time to say good bye to many friends.

Affiliate Summit West 2015 (at the Paris in Vegas) is less than 6 months away!

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  • Affiliate Summit August 18, 2014, 11:30 am

    Both the keynotes were great and we think you did a great job summing them up. We are posting the keynote videos to YouTube in case you wanted to watch again or know anyone that would enjoy them. Can you believe it’s been almost a week since the summit ended and now it’s already time to start planning for ASW15? We hope to see you there again!

  • Melanie August 19, 2014, 7:18 am

    Great to hear the videos are posted. ASW15 will be here before we know it! Looking forward to it.

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