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Day One Affiliate Summit East 2014

Day one of Affiliate Summit was great. Affiliate Summit East is reported to have over 4,000 attendees and it was quickly very obvious that we were everywhere. As we became familiar with the layout and figured out how the elevators worked, we all quickly caught up with friends. After meeting up with my newcomer for coffee, I attended the newcomer session where I met more attendees who were there for the first time. You can read more about the Newcomer Session. From there it was on to the first of the four sets of breakout sessions. As usual, there were many great sessions to choose from. Thankfully, all of the sessions are videotaped so you don’t have to miss out on anything.

The Meet Market opened at noon and gave everyone a chance to network. With a packed Meet Market, the excitement was contagious and networking overflowed the room and was seen throughout the Marriott. One of the great things about Affiliate Summit is the networking possibilities that are open to everyone, regardless of experience. Every affiliate has the opportunity to connect with a merchant or network to begin a mutually beneficial relationship. It is opportunities like these that allow everyone to grow.

In addition to the Super Affiliate Toolkit session I attended in the morning, I sat in on “Successful Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day” presented by Scott Jangro, President and co-Founder of Shareist. Scott broke down content marketing into a step by step process using the acronym of PPDM; Plan, Produce, Distribute and Measure. While maybe not the most creative acronym, Scott’s approach summarized the necessary steps involved in successfully creating and marketing content. There is no magic button, each step does take work but if we make a schedule for each step you can be successful. We were given a schedule for a five day week, not only is it functional plan, it is a great reminder that even entrepreneurs need time off. Scott shared several wonderful ideas and his explanation of the process of curation was very informative. Definitely take the time to view the video if you didn’t catch this session. Quite a bit of the information in this session is applicable to other aspects of affiliate business. Follow Scott on Twitter. The sessions at Affiliate Summit are classified as beginner, intermediate or advanced and this intermediate session was attended by a range of abilities. After the session, as I spoke to a few of the attendees, all agreed that they learned something.

As the activities at the Marriott drew to a close Sunday evening, we all began to get ready for the informal networking and parties and looked forward to day two.

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  • Affiliate Summit August 15, 2014, 9:23 am

    What a wonderful and thorough post this is. The “Super Affiliate Toolkit” and “Successful Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day” were both excellent sessions, as well as many others. It’s always interesting and nice to read other people’s recaps and experiences so thank you for sharing and we hope to see you at #ASW15 in Vegas!

  • Melanie August 15, 2014, 11:07 am

    Thanks, my pleasure :). Affiliate Summit was wonderful, definitely working on being in Vegas!

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