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What Do We Really Want

If you manage an affiliate program you’ve probably wondered how you can connect to an affiliate you’ve never met. Not identify them but connect to them – get them actively into your program. What in the world do we want? Is it the percentage? Is it an extra incentive? Is it great metrics?

There are many factors we consider when joining and beginning to promote a program. It starts with a product or service- can we market it? After that, the decision process differs; some affiliates promote everything and some are more defined. Some larger affiliates can take more chances with adding new program/products but smaller affiliates are more challenging, they have to pick and choose. It is those affiliates that can really help expand your program. If you manage multiple programs, those are the affiliates that can help grow all of your programs. How can you get them to try your program out? For some affiliates, the network the program is on is an important criteria; the network can impact whether we  move further into the decision factor.  The closing rate, reversal rate and commission are also deciding factors but often the deciding factors  are two that are often underrated.

Time and Trust.

Its quite simple really- time and ease of promotion is the first factor. Depending on the affiliate’s approach it may simply be a matter of time.  If the program (or the network it is on) makes it difficult to  promote you will drop down on the to do list.  If your data feed is a mess or incomplete, will an affiliate have the time to clean it up so it is usable or tweak it to make it more productive?

Do you (or your network) provide tools or make it easy to promote? Do you limit links?  Do you have variety of banners? I could go on but it comes down to the basics of if you make it faster and easier to promote you move up the list. Make it cumbersome you move down.

Trust is complex.  We need to trust the network, the manager, the website and for some, trust the product or service. We have a lot at stake and need to be able to trust.

Gaining trust is straight forward.

Keeping trust is simple.

Regaining trust is very difficult.


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