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Is Affiliate Marketing Still Worth It

One of the more common queries I receive is someone asking if they should even bother getting started with affiliate marketing.  People new to the industry hear many of the cons of affiliate marketing which often appear to outweigh the pros. Factor in the normal fear of failure when trying something new and it is easy to see why many will hesitate and let fear limit their efforts.

Affiliate marketing, or performance marketing if you prefer, is far from perfect. Like others, I have spent the past few years working on some of these issues. We have made a few gains and progress is steady, although slower than desired.

Affiliate marketing gives everyone the opportunity to succeed. There will be challenges and hardships but it is still possible to succeed. Having money to invest may make it easier but you can still get started with minimal additional investment. Future posts will talk about the pros and cons of this industry in greater detail.

Success will not happen overnight. Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate you will need to put in time and energy to become successful. There are tools to make certain jobs easier but, there is no autopilot.

The risks are real for both merchant and affiliate. There is no guarantee of success or even recovering investment but there is opportunity for success.

It seems that technology and ethics creates endless areas of grey for some.

Those grey areas may be where the greatest risks lie for Affiliate Marketing. Acceptable rules of conduct our have not kept up with technology, enforcement does not always appear consistent. Those operating within accepted ethical guidelines sometimes have fewer rights than those who violate. All of this topics to be covered over the next several posts.

 All of that aside, affiliate marketing is still worth it for both affiliates and merchants. Why? Opportunity.

I still believe it is still worth it although not as easy as it once was. 

We still need to work to improve things so I am getting back to publicly writing on the issues facing our industry. Negatives don’t disappear just because we don’t talk about them. It is not about bad press or giving affiliate marketing a bad name. It is about trying to move the industry ahead.

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