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Affiliate Summit East 2010 Almost Here

Affiliate Summit East 2010 will be taking place at the Hilton in New York City August 15 – 17.  A look at the agenda located at the Affiliate Summit website or in the latest issue of Feed Front Magazine indicates that this is sure to be another great conference.  I am currently taking care of a few last minute preparations and adding a few more meetings to my schedule. If you would like to meet up, get in touch with me through Affiliate Advocacy site  or through Twitter (@Mellies).

I will also be leading a discussion during the Ask the Experts session Monday at 5:00. My topic is Affiliate Program Case Studies – Strategies and Practices. During this session we will discuss the ways merchants can make their program more attractive to affiliates and take it up to the next level.  Session is designed to talk about ways to improve program to increase affiliate productivity. Merchants need producing Affiliates and we’ll talk about how to attract and keep producing and ethical Affiliates. Sessions is for  both merchants and affiliates –  for merchants who want to grow or improve their program and Affiliates who want to understand or talk about how to evaluate merchants. (During ASW 2010 my panel session on this topic was very well attended and had very good reviews.) My next post will have a little more information on the session. If you are a merchant who plans on attending, feel free to get in touch with me with your program name (and url).

 The schedule for Affiliate Summit East 2010 looks great.  It is a good idea to plan ahead of time which sessions you want to attend. Read through the schedule before Summit begins to ensure you don’t miss anything. (Sessions will be recorded and are made available to some pass holders, check the Affiliate Summit website for details)

There are several sessions I plan on attending, I’ll write about a few of them in future posts. One of the nice features you can use to plan out your schedule is found at http://ase10.sched.org/ Using that tool will enable you to select and then print your session schedule.

A few other suggestions:

  • Bring plenty of business cards. I usually carry two types to fit different needs.
  • Take a look at list of companies attending and map out those that you want to make sure you do not miss. I usually make a special loop around the  Sunday Meet Market and the Monday/Tuesday Exhibit floors just to hit those booths. Then later on I will visit all other booths and browse.
  • Usually the start of day is best time to hit the booths as it is usually less crowded.
  • Pick up your pass on Saturday if possible to avoid long registration line.
  • If you are attending Summit for first time, be sure to attend Shawn’s Welcome session Sunday at 10 am.
  • Don’t feel shy. Approach booths to talk. Merchants are there because they want to talk to you! Most merchants don’t bite. :) Learn about a merchants program and ask questions. The first time is the hardest, by the end of the day you will be a pro.
  • If it would help you, buddy up with someone for a booth or two.
  • Take a look at the Twitter list of speakers, most have photos. Many of the speakers will be more than happy to say hello to you. We all remember our first Summit.

Finally, if you see me, be sure to stop me and say hello. See you at Summit!

(As my own dsl is down – Many thanks to Barnes and Noble and their working Internet!)

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  • Shawn Collins August 7, 2010, 6:56 am

    Looking forward to seeing you next week!

  • Melanie August 7, 2010, 3:53 pm

    Thanks Shawn, really looking forward to it!

  • skip belanger August 12, 2010, 4:20 pm

    hi and hope all is well. i am in nyc and would love to attend, but i do have a code to register for free. at any level. this would be my first time and cannot not be able to go. could you help?
    my cell is 347-681-4280 and it has texting so you can do that or email is
    this would be my first time.

    skip belanger
    belanger assocaites

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